Buyer's Guide for Individual Agents


Fully Customized to Your Branding - 36 Page Buyer's Guide for Individual Agents (ships in sets of 20 books)

Our team will work with you to create a customized Buyer's Guide. This magazine style book will be personalized to you and your company! Upon purchase we will work with you to highlight all that you have to offer so the client feels confident in hiring you, this is branded to you so be sure to allow for ample time for customization that will include your fonts, colors, logos, etc.  CLICK HERE to watch a video going over the book. This is an ANNUAL purchase and includes the initial customization and one additional update for free, in the event you change companies within a 12 month period from initial purchase. Any updates or changes after the initial 12 month period will require another annual purchase. Once our team has customized the book we will print them in sets of 20 using high quality printing materials and shipped straight to your door for $179. You can reorder at any time and only pay the printing and shipping cost for any unmodified reorder.