Meet Rachel

Rachel Davenport started Designed By Davenport in 2022 because she had a deep rooted passion for helping Real Estate agents present themselves in the best way possible. She has been an agent in the business since 2006 and understands the industry, the expectations clients have, and what it takes to wow them, get hired, and get more referrals. She started her Real Estate team, The Davenport Group, in 2016 and discovered the power of leverage and systems. Prior to starting The Davenport Group she was a solo agent and was closing 60-70 transactions per year and knows the struggle of "doing it all" with no help. Because of her background she now strives to help other busy agents with these products, shipped straight to their door. In 2021 The Davenport Group closed 258 units: of those, 153 were sellers and 105 were buyers. These products available to you here allowed them to be hired and stand out against the other competition. Because Rachel has been a solo agent, an agent on a team, and now runs The Davenport Group as a leader she has designed products that work for you, no matter where you are in your career!Thank you so much,Rachel